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At 10:59 AM 17/10/2008, Anthony Hornby wrote:
>How about the same money injected into services to try and educate
>kids and parents on prevention, investigate cases of child abuse and
>support and counsel the victims. My understanding is that in pretty
>much every state and territory these services are woefully underfunded
>and the staff overloaded. Wouldn't that do more real good?

Boy, does that sound familiar. In 1999, we had this same battle and 
same arguments.
I only looked 5 years ahead. I guess I needed to look 9 years.

On the Jon Faine show on the ABC when I was speaking about that day's 
public forum and rally, I spoke of the 'teachable moment' and the 
value of that for parents. But got slammed for it. I guess parents 
don't want to take responsibility for their children any more. It's 
easier to take a pill or let the schools or government do their jobs. 
I think that is very very sad.

This: http://libertus.net/censor/debate/artic99bsa.html - the 1999 
argument collection.
<http://www.efa.org.au/Campaigns/may28/melb/jw.html>Jan Whitaker
"Why not take that annual $7 million they are going to spend on 
bureaucrats examining 'highly offensive materials' and put it into 
'kids safe' programs and real child abuse prevention programs?"


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