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Bryant Allen bryant.allen at anu.edu.au
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I am presently reading a thesis draft where the origin of the term didiman 
(an agricultural extension officer) is given as Dr Bredemann, head of the 
botanical gardens in Rabaul until 1914. The reference is Muhlhausler 
(1975:108-109). I think perhaps this should be 1976. I realize everyone 
probably knows this, but didiman is not listed on the web site and I 
thought it might be useful to have the reference tp Peter's thesis stored 
where ever it is JB stores them.

While I was in the Ds I looked at a few other entries. drai is missing one 
meaning. It is used to refer to a female is who past menopause and no 
longer fertile. E.g. Lapun meri em i drai pinis. Em i no inap long karim 


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