[Mihalic] moni / haia

C A Volker volker at nalik.org
Wed Mar 1 11:10:59 EST 2006

Every time I come back to New Ireland, it seems there are new expressions that
I've never heard before but that everyone else says have always been around.

This time I've come across three classifications of how we get money:

diwai moni - money received for hard work, e.g., gardening or growing cash crops

lip moni - mining or other royalties and dividends, also interest on time

dai moni - grants from the government or aid donars

Also two ways of hiring a vehicle (also used when speaking English):

wet haia (wet hire) - the hire price includes the cost of fuel

drai haia (dry hire) - the person hiring the vehicle must provide fuel

Are these just local NIP expressions or more widely spread?

Ctaig Volker

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