[Mihalic] what they are saying

Thomas H. Slone THSlone at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 22 13:30:42 EST 2006

Could "sutrik" be a variant of "suruk" (also spelled surik), to move 
something a short distance?
--Tom Slone

>Fr Dr Patrick F Gesch SVD wrote:
>A girl is standing some distance away in the market. A boy signals to her
>with his hand and when he gets a response tells his mates: "Mi sutrik long
>dispela meri. Em bai laikim mi o nogat?" Hopefully the girl will laugh and
>the boy will see his designs as successful.
>  Tanim: "I signalled my interest to the girl. Will she like me or not?"
>     The meaning must be: I aim my tricky little gesture in her direction.

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