[Nauty] installing nauty

Mike Daven daven at msmc.edu
Fri Jun 4 01:23:01 EST 2004

I am trying to install nauty in Windows XP.  I found the following
fragment posted to this list March 13, 2004:

   I don't have XP, but here is what I do on Win 98.

   1.  make sure that "bash" is installed (available for djgpp).
   2.  run bash.  (I just type "bash" in the run menu)
   3.  cd dir    // where dir is the place you put nauty22b6.zip
   4.  unzip nauty22b6.zip   // unpacks nauty into directory nauty22
       tar zvfx nauty22b6.tar.gz   // if you downloaded that file instead
   5.  cd nauty22
   6.  ./configure
   7.  make

I've gone through steps 1,2,3,4,5 above.  But when I try "./configure",
the response is as follows:

   ./configure: sed: command not found
   configure: error: can not find sources in  or ..

What's up?  Your help is much appreciated...


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