[Nauty-list] Re: Nauty on Windows XP (Shangjin Xu)

Jim White mathimagics at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Mar 11 18:42:40 EST 2006

> How to run Nauty on Window XP system?
> Thank you!
> Shangjin Xu
> xusj at gxu.edu.cn
> 2006-02-17

I've recently downloaded Nauty 2.2 myself for the
first time, but as I'm using Windows I might be able
to help.

You'll need to run a Linux emulator, like Cygwin or
MinGW  (I use MinGW myself), and you'll need a GCC
compiler (although this is included with both Cygwin
and MinGW).

You can't build it under Windows directly because the
source code requires preprocessing (that's done by
"configure", a unix shell script).

The instructions included with nauty include a
description of how to build under Cygwin, and the same
applies to MinGW.

The supplied build scripts don't seem to build any
library, but it is presumably an easy matter to run
the gcc linker on the object files and that will give
you a static library you could then link to MSVC
programs in the normal way (ie you should be able  to
run the resulting exe's under Windows, it should only
be necessary to use Cygwin/MinGW for the actual
building of the library).

Ideally, I'd like to build a shared library (DLL), so
the central nauty functions can be called from any
Windows application but the supplied Makefile doesn't
have any shared library support.  

I've got other packages (GMP, MPFR) that do have this
capability so hopefully I'll be able to sort it out
soon.  If I do, I'll post instructions here on how to
build a nauty.dll


Jim White

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