[Nauty-list] weighted graphs supported by nauty ?

Fedwa El-Mellouhi f.el.mellouhi at UMontreal.CA
Fri Feb 9 02:19:13 EST 2007

Dear nauty users,

I'm a new user and I intend to use nauty in order to study the  
topology of atomic networks in semiconductors. I have some questions  
about the use of nauty:

1- I'm beginner with graph theory, and I cannot figure out how to  
construct the graph that will be used by nauty, this  is still  
obscure for me. Is there any examples that I can use to help me  
understand better the input format of nauty ?

2- For each graph,  vertices  represent my atoms and edges are  
bonds,  note that distances and angles  between atoms are relevant   
and  I must distinguish between graphs having different edge lengths  
and angles.  My graphs are in principal not very complex, they should  
contain at most 10 vertices.
I'm thinking of using weighted graphs but I I'm not sure if nauty  
could handle efficiently weighted graphs or not ?. In addition, I  
still don't understand how to write my graph as an input to nauty.

Could you  please clear out those points

Thanks in advance


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