[Nauty-list] Multithreading

Susanne Nieß niess at ma.tum.de
Thu Oct 18 02:25:41 EST 2012

Has the option for multithreading by now incorporated into nauty? If 
not, I need some help again. I have now "treated" the .c and -h files 
with mkts (thanks for this script!) but I think that still something has 
to be done about the .o files. I might get there by altering makefile 
but this would be a lot of work and I am not really sure which files 
must be altered so I first want to ask if this is the correct way at all 
and if there is an easier way. In addition, I had the idea of copying 
the nauty files into a new directory and make them fit for 
multithreading there without putting a 't' in front of each filename; 
this would probably make some things less difficult and I suppose the 
old makefiles would do then but as I am not familiar with pearl I am not 
sure how to alter mkts to use it for this method. Could you please help me?

Susanne Nieß

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