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Michael Patrick Leach michael.leach at deakin.edu.au
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Hi All

Some Melbourne list members may be interested in attending this 
seminar I'm giving (at the last minute, after a cancellation!), this 
Wednesday at the Burwood Campus of Deakin University.



>From: Kazumi Jushi <kazumi.jushi at deakin.edu.au>
>Subject: Citizenship and Globalisation Seminar Information
>Citizenship and Globalisation
>Research Priority Area, Deakin University, Australia
>Seminar Information
>Honouring Sites of Pain, Trauma and Resistance in East Timor
>Michael Leach
>Time:  4:00 pm Wednesday 3 May 2006
>Venue: The Blue Room , Building B, Room 2. 20, Burwood Campus, 
>Deakin Univeristy
>This paper examines the way difficult sites of imprisonment, trauma 
>and resistance are being remembered in the newly independent nation 
>of East Timor. Most societies have their scars of history, and a 
>range of places, sites and institutions that represent the legacy of 
>these difficult periods. Following 450 years of Portuguese 
>colonialism, and a traumatic 24- year struggle against Indonesian 
>occupation, East Timor has a great many sites which chart a painful 
>legacy of colonialism, civil war, and resistance against 
>neo-colonial occupation.
>These important, but often ambivalently regarded sites of historical 
>memory recall traumatic episodes in the national history, raising 
>difficult questions of heritage conservation, particularly where 
>budget resources are limited. How are such places to be remembered? 
>How do people and societies cope with painful memories? Should these 
>aspects of national heritage be expunged or memorialised? This paper 
>examines East Timorese responses to these difficult issues since 
>independence in 2002.
>Michael Leach is a Research Fellow in the Institute for Citizenship 
>and Globalisation. He has previously taught in Politics at the 
>University of Queensland, and at South Thames College in London. His 
>publications include Leach, M. and F. Mansouri. 2004. Lives in 
>Limbo: Voices of Refugees under Temporary Protection. Sydney: UNSW 
>Press; and Leach, M., G. Stokes and I. Ward eds. 2000. The Rise and 
>Fall of One Nation. St Lucia: University of Queensland Press.
>    * There is no entry charge and everyone is welcome.
>    * Drinks and nibbles will be provided.
>Campus map <   http://www.deakin.edu.au/campuses/burwood-getting-there.php   >
>Please note: A Democratic Process in Aceh: an Assessment of Aceh's 
>First 'Free' Elections by Damien Kingsbury irginally scheduled on 3 
>May has been cancelled.
>Kazumi Jushi, Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation
>Deakin University, Melbourne campus, Australia.
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