[TimorLesteStudies] News from the National Statistics Directorate

Jennifer Drysdale jenster at cres10.anu.edu.au
Mon Jan 29 09:16:26 EST 2007

The National Statistics Directorate has Revamped 
their website: www.dne.mopf.gov.tl

>The new website of the Direcção Nacional de 
>Estatística/National Directorate Statistics was 
>launched in December and features a lot of 
>information that would be useful to researchers. 
>The Directorate also holds a lot of data and 
>demographic information which can be made 
>available to researchers. The launch of the 
>website coincided with other launches:

>1. The launch of the first version of DevInfoTimorLeste
>A free source based software program which 
>allows the user to sort through the various 
>databases therein entered and sort and search 
>for their own analytical conclusions. Extremely 
>useful tool for planners, grad students, project 
>designers, etc. It is expected as the DNE 
>receives more historical pertinent survey 
>databases, and/or as new surveys such as the 
>2010 census, the TLSLS 2006, the current 
>Household survey, etc is concluded, a new 
>version of this software program will be 
>released. This is a UNICEF initiative and has 
>been transferred to DNE. It is also a multilingual application.
>2. The launch of the Population Projections
>A UNFPA initiative as one of their final phases 
>of their support to the Census 2004
>3. The launch of the Atlas
>A UNFPA intiative as one their final phases of 
>their support to the Census 2004.
>This year, a publication on each district 
>containing detailed information gathered from 
>the 2004 census will also be published.
>The DNE website itself is not new, but it has 
>been given a new lease and has become more user 
>oriented. The objective being that those who 
>need access to data and information may access it directly over the internet.
>If the analysis of the information is not 
>detailed or conclusive enough. There is a 
>request service: you may email 
><mailto:info at dne.mopf.tl>info at dne.mopf.tl and 
>request your specifics by variables.
>Having conducted Timor-Leste's first census 
>utilizing GPS technology, DNE can also produce 
>maps from the analysis. If you can't find 
>something or wish to provide feedback on the 
>development of the Website, please email us.

Further enquiries about the work of DNE can be 
made to cdasilvacruz at gmail.com or info at dne.mopf.tl

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