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>Dear Jen,
>The ET network might like to know about this 
>very interesting report I picked up in T-L .
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The report Janet refers to can be accessed via the Internet:

The following text is copied from the web page - 

Like Stepping Stones in the River: Youth 
Perspectives on the crisis in Timor-Leste is a 
fascinating research report launched by Plan and 
the University of New South Wales, which 
documents for the first time how the youth of 
East Timor feel about the civil unrest in their 
homeland, their participation in the crisis and 
what the future holds for their community.

This report is the first to give voice to the 
youth of East Timor since the civil unrest began 
in April/May 2006. The report will be officially 
presented to the President of Timor-Leste, Jose 
Ramos Horta, with the hope that the government 
will reflect, investigate and most importantly 
act on the report’s groundbreaking findings.

More than 450 East Timorese youth aged between 
15-25 years from Dili and the surrounding 
districts participated in the research, sharing 
their experiences and ideas on the civil unrest. 
The purpose of the report’s research is to 
highlight how they (East Timorese youth) 
understand the crisis, what they think were the 
causes, who they think was responsible for its 
beginnings, and what they think people were (and still are) fighting about.

Like Stepping Stones in the River: Youth 
Perspectives on the crisis in Timor-Leste 
research report was designed to provide an 
opportunity for young people in East Timor:
    * to reflect on their experiences during and after the conflict
    * to document positive ways in which youth 
are responding to displacement and supporting 
their families and communities during the crisis
    * to examine how youth resilience can be further strengthened.
The research report is presented in two sections. 
The first section 'Hidden Agendas' documents how 
young people are making sense of the violence, of 
the Lorosa’e/Loro monu (east/west) division, the 
martial arts problems – and in particular how 
they view the actions of their leaders.  The 
second section 'Our Time' will present a 
collection of fictional stories youth developed 
to explain how the crisis has impacted the lives of young people.

The report’s research was undertaken by Natalie 
Grove from the 
<http://www.sphcm.med.unsw.edu.au/>School of 
Public Health and Community Medicine, Faculty of 
Medicine, University of New South Wales in 
partnership with Kiera Zen from ET Insight (a 
local research NGO) and Plan Timor-Leste. The 
report was funded by Plan Timor-Leste, with 
support from Plan Australia (through AusAid) and 
Plan Finland (through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland).

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