[TimorLesteStudies] Publication: Building relationships across the Timor Sea: an evaluation of the Australian/Timorese friendship agreements

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>Public Administration and Development Volume 27, Issue 4 (October 
>2007) (p 333-340) \
>Building relationships across the Timor Sea: an evaluation of the 
>Australian/Timorese friendship agreements
>Rebecca Spence, Fiona Ninnes
>Published Online: 27 Jun 2007
This article explores the concept and dynamics of the newly formed, 
and increasingly popular, Friendship Agreements, between local 
councils in Australia, and their counterpart district administrations 
in Timor Leste. The history and purpose of international municipal 
links are explored and contrasted with current Friendship Agreement 
policy and practice. The key elements of making international 
municipal links a success are examined and the main impediments to 
forging and maintaining sustainable partnerships are discussed and 
contrasted with the Australian/Timorese experience. The article 
offers suggestions for creating sustainable, vibrant links. It argues 
that those Agreements built on notions of paternalism are less likely 
to succeed than those that are committed to relationship and trust 
building between and within communities in Australia and Timor Leste.

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