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Angie Bexley Angie.Bexley at anu.edu.au
Wed Oct 24 15:23:45 EST 2007

'We Refuse to Become Victims' collaboration between Gembel (Timor 
Leste), Taring Padi (Indonesia), and The Culture Kitchen (Canberra) will 
be featured in the Ap-ro-pos Exhibition part of:

The Human Rights Arts and Film Festival. See: www.hraff.org.au 

 BUS Gallery, 117 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

 27 November- 15 December

In conjunction with the film screenings for the Human Rights Arts and
Film Festival, 'Apropos - Human Rights in Art ' brings together
international, national and community based artists in order to
explore how contemporary practice can articulate and illuminate issues
of human rights.

The works in Apropos respond to this year's festival themes by
engaging with issues of human rights as they pertain to
discrimination, environmental issues, refugees, poverty, labour
rights, indigenous issues, humanitarian conflict and freedom of


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