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Please respond to: David Traynor <D.Traynor at unsw.edu.au>

Applications are invited from Timorese nationals wishing to participate in the 
Timor-Leste Health Research System Capacity Building Program (HRSB). 
A brief overview of the program follows however detailed information, 
selection criteria and application forms are attached and available for 
download at:

The Timor Leste Health Research System Capacity Building Program 

An initiative of The School of Public Health and Community Medicine, The 
University of New South Wales in partnership with The Ministry of Health Timor-
Leste and the Australian National University, the HRSB aims to identify, 
establish, and support, a group of 10 to 15 Timorese health research leaders 
in Timor-Leste and provide them with training across a range of health and 
development related research areas. The HRSB program is funded by AusAID and 
will run from November 2007 to May 2008.
The overall goal of the HRSB is to contribute to better population health 
outcomes in Timor-Leste and ensure progress is made towards achieving 
Millennium Development Goals and targets. Through strengthening the capacity 
of the health research system, and the conduct of health and health systems 
research in Timor-Leste, the HRSB aims to improve the quality of services, 
support good governance in the health sector, enhance the equity of health 
resource allocation, and promote evidence-informed health policy. The HRSB 
will contribute to the development of leadership, networks and infrastructure 
which will help shape the future of the health research system and health 
sector in Timor-Leste.
HRSB Program Objectives

The HRSB will progress towards its goal by promoting two primary objectives:
•	Establishing and supporting a cohort of dynamic Timorese research 
leaders and policy-makers, able to engage in producing, using and 
disseminating knowledge to promote health gain and develop the health system 
•	Providing a forum for discussion about, and establishing, a 
provisional framework for a health and health systems research institute in 
HRSB Benefit to Participants

Selected participants will receive comprehensive conceptual and practical 
training in health and health systems research, research management, research 
supervision, commissioning and use of research, and research for policy-making 
and practice improvements. In addition, the HRSB will work, over the longer 
term, towards the establishment of a health and health systems research 
institute in Timor-Leste. Participants must be Timorese nationals in order to 
be eligible for the HRSB program.

Participants will be drawn from a diverse range of institutions working within 
the broader health and development sectors in Timor-Leste, including 
Government Ministries, Departments and Directorates, the Districts, local and 
international Non-Government Organisations, and Tertiary Institutions. 
Individual, organisational and system capacities to research and respond to 
health & system problems will be promoted in partnership with the Ministry of 
Health Timor Leste. 

The HRSB will actively support these identified research leaders in order to 
improve their capacity to assess current and potential demand for research and 
evaluation services; identify and pursue research and information priorities; 
and develop organisational options for a health research systems institute in 

Training approaches for the HRSB program will be developed to enable 
participants to develop and pursue health related research projects of 
relevance and benefit to their current employment and organisational base. 
Individuals who are not currently associated with an organisation but can 
demonstrate their capacity to contribute to health related research and 
systems development are also welcome to apply. 
HRSB Statement on diversity and equity

The HRSB aims to provide opportunities to build skills and contribute to 
generating knowledge and information to promote health and development in 
Timor-Leste. It aims to involve a diverse range of people working with the 
Timor-Leste Health Sector. Participants will be working in a range of health 
and development areas, for example: service delivery, policy and planning; 
needs assessment; operations research; monitoring and evaluation; research; 
education; health promotion; service improvement; statistics and surveillance. 
While not specifically a training program in monitoring and evaluation or 
operations research, the HRSB will be relevant to those working in such 
environments. It is geared to supporting people who have enquiring minds, who 
seek to answer questions to better understand and respond to problems, and 
through this to generate better responses to health and development issues and 
services delivery in Timor-Leste.
Participants will be drawn from a range of types of organisations working in 
the Health sector including local and international Non-Government 
Organisations; universities; professional associations; donor-funded agencies; 
UN agencies; Government Ministries and Directorates. This program is aimed at 
Timorese people with energy and leadership potential, and who want to make a 
difference through using and applying research skills to answering questions 
which have a bearing on health, health-related services, and systems.

The HRSB maintains and will promote a commitment to social equity, social 
justice and nation building in all its activities. Women, young people, and 
those from the districts of Timor-Leste are strongly encouraged to apply. We 
would also welcome applications from organisations that may be based in Dili 
but are involved in working in the districts.

Please direct any enquiries to: 
d.traynor at unsw.edu.au

domingossoares2002 at yahoo.com 

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