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> **** Post Doctoral Fellowship (3 months) ****
> Monash University Politics is launching a new scheme to assist recent
> PhD  researchers to bolster their publication record and gain greater
> visibility in academia. Monash Politics will provide mentoring for
> recent PhD students in publishing and/or post-doctoral grant application
> writing.
> Recent PhD researchers are invited to join Politics at Monash University
> for a 3-month Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship – Level A $4,939 per c/m
> OR Level B $5,199 per c/m.
> Eligibility: Applications are invited from former PhD students – within
> 12 months of successful examination (PhD thesis needs to have been
> accepted by the respective University – graduation is not essential).
> Applications are invited from any stream in Politics, including
> Australian Politics, Political Theory, Asian Studies or International
> Relations.
> The Fellowship is based at Monash University (Clayton or Caulfield campus).
> Prospective applicants are invited to visit Monash Politics web page and
> contact relevant staff to discuss areas of research and mentoring before
> submitting a formal application.
> http://www.arts.monash.edu.au/politics/staff/index.php
> Applications should be addressed to Dr Paul Strangio (Head of Politics):
> Paul Strangio <Paul.Strangio at arts.monash.edu.au>,  and include
> 1. A Cover letter
> 2. A proposal, clearly stating the publication strategy (no more than 3
> pages)
> 3. Curriculum Vitae
> 4. Two confidential letters of support – one by the main PhD supervisor
> 5. A supporting note from a Monash University Politics staff to provide
> mentoring.
> There are no set deadlines.

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