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Abel Pires da Silva lybel_2000 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 24 18:35:12 EST 2007

Dear friends,
We are tryings to establish an ICT Association here in Timor and currently we are at the stage of preparing the first congress of the  association which will take place on Monday, 29 of October 2007. We managed to come up with drafts of Constitution, Programs and structure of the association.

The proposal for the congress is ready and we have submitted one copy to the Secretary of State for Youths and Sports, Miguel Manetelu and I am proud to tell you all that we received a very warm welcomed for the activity (congress) and in particular the programs related to the youths in Timor.

One of the programs for the congress will be an Open Lecture by hopefully friends from this List. We are looking for supports from friends in this list, and further discussions are warmly welcomed.

There are mainly 3 focus programs of this Association:
1. Advocacy. Identifying Laws/Regulations in the area of ICT (Privacy, Copy right, etc.). There is one particular issue we would like to raise: TImor Telecom special contract with the government to monopolized both Telephone and ISP services in Timor.

2. Education and Training of members and community in general. We will try to come up with alternative solutions on our formal education's curriculum, etc.

3. Research and Development. We will try to identify possible ICT applications to support East Timor's development process. For instance,  the use of Health Information System, Internet for Schools, Internet for NGOs, Internet for Community, Local Health Centre, etc.

Comments and supports from all of you would be appreciated.

Loron Kmanek (Good Day),
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