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The Crisis of Governance in New Subsistence States
Rod Nixon. 2006
Journal of Contemporary Asia.  36/1: 75-101

Abstract (Summary)

In the sixty years since the establishment of the United Nations on 
24th October 1945, societies across the world have endeavoured to 
reshape themselves in accordance with the model of the modern state. 
Whereas the institutions of the modern state have proved appropriate 
for societies with historical experience of the production and 
administration of large surpluses, the adoption of state institutions 
presents an ongoing challenge for many other societies. Only a 
minority of states operate free from foreign aid, and weak states 
composed of stateless societies with minimal surplus generation 
capacity continue to face particular difficulties as they seek to 
adapt to the modern state system. Like other New Subsistence States, 
East Timor possesses grass-roots administrative capacities grounded 
in its village social structures. Short of the skills and resources 
necessary to support its formal justice system, East Timor has the 
option to formally integrate elements of its traditional mediation 
and conflict resolution capacities into the structure of the state.

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