[TimorLesteStudies] East Timor Legal Information Site Update

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>Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 00:32:10 +1000
>From: East Timor Law Journal <wwright1961 at gmail.com>
><http://www.easttimorlegalinformation.org>East Timor Legal 
>Information Site has recently been restructured and new elements added:
>The compiled legal news reports and the UNPol security briefings can 
>now be translated in-page into Portuguese and 12 other languages and 
>both have been reordered according to the relevant month.
>The archived records pertaining to the 2007 Parliamentary and 
>Presidential elections have been rationalised and made more accessible.
>A new 
>news feed dedicated exclusively to legal news from Timor-Leste has 
>been created. This news feed may be resyndicated to any site.
>East Timor Legal Information Site is updated daily. Suggestions for 
>improvements are always welcome.
>East Timor Legal Information Site.
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