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The theme of the 2008 Coast to Coast conference will be Coast to Coast
Collaboration: Crossing Boundaries.

It is likely to include the following sub themes

    * coastal climate change & disasters (cyclones, Tsunami's)
    * coastal planning for population change
    * coastal-marine biodiversity & conservation management
    * coastal mining and offshore oil-gas developments
    * coastal ecosystems, people & the future within the Arafura Timor Seas
    * monitoring, mitigation and management of land and marine-based
    * community engagement, capacity-building and training
    * approaches to integrated, multiple-use, coastal management


Coastal Ecosystems, People and Planning within the Arafura - Timor Seas

The Arafura and Timor Seas are shared between four countries: Australia,
Indonesia, Timor Leste and Papua New Guinea. The Seas and coastal areas are
extremely rich in terms of biodiversity, providing livelihoods for millions
of people. The region contains substantial oil and gas reserves and supports
a range of large-scale commercial to small-scale artisanal fisheries using
traditional methods. Threats to the region include over-exploitation of
resources, illegal foreign fishing as well as marine pollution, and
degradation of coastal habitats. This session invites papers exploring the
following issues 

*	institutional capacity in coastal planning and management 
*	human migration patterns 
*	fishing activities (legal and illegal) 
*	sustainable economic development and poverty alleviation 
*	regional planning and management within the Arafura-Timor Seas

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