[TimorLesteStudies] Article: Peacebuilding and Political Hybridity in East Timor

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>Brown, M. Anne and Gusmao, Alex Freitas (2009) 
>'Peacebuilding and Political Hybridity in East 
>Timor', Peace Review, 21(1): 61­69
Peacebuilding works toward the restoration or reconstitution of
political community, in the most fundamental and inclusive sense, in
the face of a legacy or the ongoing reality of violent conflict. The need
for re/building exists not only at the level of state institutions (despite
their importance), but across the gamut of social and political
relationships, particularly including the level of ‘‘everyday life’’—of
people’s access to livelihood and security, of the basic sociopolitical
dynamics that shape everyday interactions, and of the trust that
underpins community. Indeed, the need for re/building—and the
sources of political community—exist at all the dimensions at which
we live our lives, collectively and individually, including our relationships
with sources of collective (and in some important respects
individual) meaning, value, and order. 
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