[TimorLesteStudies] When you come to Dili Use FlyBus

FlyBus Dili kijoli at bigpond.com
Tue Oct 6 16:23:13 EST 2009


Dear friends,

I started a new business recently in Dili “FlyBus” Dili Airport Shuttle. The
aim is to provide reliable transport to and from the airport. It’s locally
owned and I’m starting from scratch. Therefore, I need your help to promote
and make it succeed. 

So, if you or a friend needs to get to the airport or need to be picked up
from the airport give me a call on +670 7508585 or email me on
kijoli at bigpond.com


Promotion rates $6 usd one way


Pass it on to a friend.

Maria João Soares

“Help a small business in Timor-Leste GROW, give FlyBus a GO!”


Reliable way to get to the Airport!

Call: 670 7508585

 <mailto:kijoli at bigpond.com> kijoli at bigpond.com

Dili Airport Shuttle & Dili Day Tours

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