[TimorLesteStudies] DCAF Policy Paper: Gender and Security Sector Reform in Timor-Leste

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DCAF Policy Paper: Gender and Security Sector Reform in Timor-Leste
HI Rita,

I am not sure if you have seen this paper - if not please circulate to the GTWG. Thank you, Tanya

Gender analysis of actual SSR processes is sorely lacking in the SSR literature. In ‘ Poster Boys No More: Gender and Security Sector Reform in Timor-Leste’ Henri Myrttinen breaks new ground in examining the gender dimensions of the DDR and SSR processes in Timor-Leste, with a focus on the establishment of the police and armed forces. The paper explores issues such as: how men’s roles relate to gang violence and relationships of patronage that undermine the security services, how women have been incorporated into the new security services and how the security services are addressing gender-based violence. It shows how a gender perspective can add to our understanding of many of the social processes at work in Timor-Leste and help to find solutions to some of the main security issues in the country, making recommendations for Timor-Leste’s ongoing SSR processes.

The Policy Paper can be downloaded from the DCAF website at: http://www.dcaf.ch/publications/kms/details.cfm?lng=en&id=111804&nav1=5

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