[TimorLesteStudies] Responses to the Comandante Ular interview

zelda da zeldagrimshaw at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 19:32:13 EST 2010

Dear folks,
Thanks to the moderators and to those of you who have sent me feedback on my
recent posting of Comandante Ular's interview.
My apologies that the interview originally went up in an unfit state, and
thanks to those who have emailed to let me know how to fix this problem. It
was not my intention for the second posting, regarding my Word-ignorance, to
be posted on the list, any more than I intended for the interview to go up
in a marked up state in the first place! (All responsibility for both
botch-ups is entirely mine - no reflection on our venerable moderators,
whose efforts for this list deserve all of our eternal appreciation!) It
turns out I am not as stupid as I thought - I had done all the right things,
but my Windows is corrupt and is crashing Word and Firefox and nothing works
properly. So thanks to all who took the time to advise me, and it is both a
relief and a curse to discover it was COMPUTER ERROR. Don't ya just love
I will appreciate any and all comments from list members on the substance
(rather than the style!) of the interview. Please feel free to use it in
your research/publications, crediting myself and the translator (names on
bottom of every page) with the leg work.
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