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  PLACES AVAILABLE - Reading Dutch for Historical Research an intensive residential course on Kangaroo  Island, 14 June to 3 July 2010
  Applications are invited for a limited number of places in an intensive residential course ‘Reading Dutch for Historical Research’, to be held on Kangaroo Island, South Australia, from Monday 14 June to Saturday 3 July 2010. The course is intended for those needing a working knowledge of written Dutch for professional purposes, including the study of Asian history. The course is open to academics, professionals and current and intending postgraduate students. The timing of the course will allow participants to stay on in South Australia to attend the 2010 Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia http://www.adelaide.edu.au/asaa2010/.
  Participants in the course will receive instruction in reading Dutch historical tests, especially from the period 1850-1950. There will be some attention to correct pronunciation, but no formal teaching of conversational Dutch. Completing participants should be able to read complex academic and bureaucratic Dutch texts with the aid of a dictionary.
  No prior knowledge of Dutch will be assumed, but it is expected that most participants will have had prior experience in learning another language and will be familiar with the need for private study to supplement classroom work.
  The instructor for the course will be Dr Bruce Donaldson, formerly of the University  of Melbourne, author of the standard text Colloquial Dutch.
  The course is being supported by a grant from the Nederlandse Taalunie, the international organization supporting the worldwide teaching of Dutch http://taalunieversum.org/taalunie/, and by a grant from the Australia-Netherlands Research Collaboration http://www.aust-neth.net/. 
  These grants have allowed the cost of participation to be set at $500 ($200 for students).
  The course fee will cover:
  • instruction
  • accommodation for 19 nights on Kangaroo Island • most breakfasts and lunches • some materials • transfer to & from Adelaide at the beginning & end of the course The course fee will NOT cover:
  • travel to Adelaide
  • evening meals
  • personal expenditure, including travel insurance and excursions • textbook and dictionary (details of materials to be purchases will be provided later)
  To apply for a place in the course, please email your name, contact details, enrolment or employment status, and a brief statement of your reasons for wishing to undertake the course to:
  Ms Helen McMartin, helen.mcmartin at anu.edu.au, Administrator of the Australia-Netherlands Research Collaboration.
  Helen McMartin
  Project Administrative Manager
  The Australia-Netherlands Research Collaboration Building 9, Room 4138 The Australian National University ACT 0200 Australia
  Office hours: 9.30am - 2.30pm Mon, Wed, Thurs tel 61 2 6125 0693 fax 61 2 6125 5525 email Helen.McMartin at anu.edu.au
    Professor Louise Edwards FAHA, FASSA
 Coordinator, Modern China Studies
    School of Modern Languages and Cultures
 Faculty of Arts
 University of Hong Kong
 Hong Kong
    Office: Rm 1017, KK Leung Bldg
 tel: 852-2857-8611
 fax: 852-2548-0487
 email: ledwards at hku.hk

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