[TimorLesteStudies] Report on the needs of families of the Missing in Timor-Leste

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Report on the needs of families of the Missing in Timor-Leste

This is a report of recent research in Timor-Leste to understand what 
families of those missing as a result of the conflict seek in response 
to their victimhood. Whilst the authorities deny the need for 
prosecutions and talk of 'social justice', rights agencies insist that 
victims seek prosecutions: neither however has sought the views of 
ordinary victims. This study uses qualitative research methods with a 
representative sample of victims, using a list collected by ICRC over a 
30 year period serving as a sampling frame. It aims to determine both 
what victims seek a decade after the end of conflict and their attitude 
towards those transitional justice mechanisms that have taken place, 
essentially a victim-centred evaluation of that process.

This research also aims to inform the ongoing process towards the 
creation of an institution to implement the recommendations of both CAVR 
and the CTF.

The report can be found at:
www.simonrobins.com/Robins - Needs of families of the Missing in Timor.pdf

I would very much welcome any comments or feedback.

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