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Mon Nov 8 15:03:42 EST 2010

Ten travellers journeying through ten provinces of Timor-Leste in two 
weeks - Canberra Friends of Dili is pleased to release a fifty page 
travel diary or journey, providing a fresh and honest approach to 
travelling through this remarkable country - not only the sights and 
people, but also the experience and challenge of travel itself.  It 
comes complete with over 100 photos as well as a reflection on a variety 
of topics, including geography, natural history, historical points of 
interest and cultural aspects. Titled /Ten Canberrans and the 
Sleeping Crocodile/, the diary is something of a missing link in 
travel reading about Timor-Leste, and if you are considering a visit 
soon, a copy would be invaluable. A number of Canberra Friends of Dili 
special projects and the First Lady Fun Run (which supports the work of 
the Alola Foundation and the Rotary Club of Dili) are also featured.

Payment ($25 per copy) can be sent by cheque or money order made out to 
Canberra Friends of Dili Inc.  Mail orders to Treasurer, Canberra 
Friends of Dili, 10 Needham Pl Stirling ACT 2611. The 50 page version is 
a preliminary one, with some editorial corrections pending.

Proceeds go to the many projects supported by Canberra Friends of Dili 
in the Dili District of Timor-Leste
Regards Barry Brown Mobile +61 435173354 Home +61 2 61611870
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