[TimorLesteStudies] Class IV Research Visa for Timor-Leste

Sarina Kilham Sarina.Kilham at uts.edu.au
Wed Nov 10 16:25:01 EST 2010

Here are some hints for any other researchers thinking about getting a Class IV Visa (research) in Timor-Leste.

 *   At the moment, you can only apply within Timor-Leste. I was advised by Timor-Leste Embassy to enter on tourist visa (USD$30 at border)
 *   Visa applications can be lodged at the Consular Affairs Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
 *   The visa office accepts applications Mon-Thurs 9am-12pm. Collection occurs in the afternoon.
 *   You need two copies of the Visa form printed on A3 size (so that it folds like a booklet). Do not attempt to submit a form printed on A4.
 *   You also need the following attachments
    *   Medical Certificate (this should be very formal and include your doctors letterhead, qualifications etc) stating that your psychological/physical fitness.
    *   Police Certificate from AFP in Australia (or your country of origin)
    *   Authenticated copies of your passport. This copies MUST be authenticated by your Embassy and MUST have your Embassy stamp on them.  At the Australian Embassy, this will cost USD$27 for first authenticated copy, and USD $2 for each other copy.
    *   Photocopy of your CURRENT visa (e.g the tourist visa that you entered on).
    *   Passport photographs
    *   Rent contract and/or Hotel contract
    *   Proof of means of support (at least USD$50/day)
    *   Work contract*
    *   Company register*
    *   Tax payment certificate*
    *   * = I think these are only if you want a work visa.
 *   Take your own clean manila folder
 *   Make sure you have the original plus 2 Copies of everything (you need to submit two copies)
 *   On submitting you should receive a note that gives you a case number and confirms that you have lodged your application.
 *   I was advised that my application would take 1 month to process, and that I would need to extend my tourist visa in the meantime.
To extend your tourist visa- you will need to visit the Immigration Section (opposite UNTL Social Science building /corner near Tropical Bakery). You will need a local host (Timorese colleague willing to be your sponsor). This person will need to provide their electoral card and details on the form given by the Immigration Office. You also need passport photos. The Immigration Section will keep your passport for 2-4 weeks for processing.

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