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    Call For Papers - International Conference - The End Of The  Portuguese Empire In A Comparative Perspective - Lisbon, June 20-21,  2011
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Call for Papers: Deadline December 31st, 2010
Convenors:  António Costa Pinto (ICS/UL), Luís Nuno Rodrigues (CEHC/ISCTE), Pedro  Aires Oliveira (IHC/UNL), Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo (ICS/UL), Philip  Murphy (Institute of Commonwealth Studies).
Scientific Committee:  William Roger Louis (University of Texas at Austin), Odd Arne Westad  (London School of Economics), John Darwin (Oxford University), Patrick  Chabal (King's College of London), Valentim Alexandre (Instituto de  Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa), Sarah Stockwell (King's  College of London), Frederick Cooper (New York University), Andrew  Porter  (King's College of London), Martin Shipway (Birkbeck University  of London).

In 1961, Portuguese rule in Africa came under severe  stress. In its colony of Angola an attempt to release political  detainees from the Luanda prisons by Angolan nationalists unleashed a  wave of reprisals against the inhabitants of the muceques, thereby  undermining the regime's cherished image of racial harmony. A few weeks  later, an uprising in the Northern district of Congo triggered another  cycle of violence which would soon evolve to a long and bloody  counterinsurgency conflict. Later that year, with the annexation of Goa  by Nehru's India, the Portuguese empire seemed on the verge of collapse.  But contrary to many expectations, the first of the European overseas  empires would also be the last to be dismantled - a somewhat intriguing  fact that continues to puzzle many students of decolonization.

Convened  by three of Portugal's leading research centers, this conference,  interdisciplinary in intent, aims to gather contributions in the fields  of imperial and colonial history and of decolonization studies, in order  to create a comparative framework within which researches about the  main social, political, cultural and economic historical processes that  led to end of the Portuguese colonial empire can be evaluated and  assessed.

The organizers invite the submission of abstracts (max.  200 words) on various aspects of the history of colonial empires and  decolonization, with a special focus on the post-World War period, and  the Asian and African context in particular.

Sub-panel proposals and individual papers are welcome for any of the following general panels: 
 - From Imperial to Post-Colonial Polities and Economies: Elites, Institutions and Political Regimes
 - Imperial and Anti-colonial Ideologies and Movements
 - Colonial Wars/Counterinsurgency campaigns: A Comparative Assessment 
 - Decolonization and the International Arena
 - History and Theory of Decolonization: problems, perspectives, and Prospects.

Please send proposals, and a brief CV, to the Convenors (claudia.almeida at ics.ul.pt) by December 31, 2010.

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