[TimorLesteStudies] New research paper: Issues of Shared Responsibility Before the International Court of Justice

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Nollkaemper, Andre, Issues of Shared Responsibility Before the   International Court of Justice (April 8, 2011). Amsterdam Law School   Research Paper No. 2011-01. 

Available at SSRN:  http://ssrn.com/abstract=1805696  

Abstract An  increasing number of situations where international responsibility  of  states is engaged, involve wrongful acts committed by two or more   states. Examples of such situations of shared responsibility can be   found in the context of multinational military operations,   extra-territorial migration policies, or acts that contribute to global   environmental problems. The principles applicable to cases of shared   responsibility are not well developed. In order to lay a foundation for   further study on the topic, this paper systematizes the case law of the   International Court of Justice pertaining to shared responsibility. It   assesses how the ICJ has treated certain core aspects pertaining to   shared responsibility in such cases as Corfu Channel, Certain Phosphate   Lands in Nauru, East Timor and the Legality of the Use of Force, and  identifies the questions that require further theoretical work. 

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