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Michael Leach mleach at swin.edu.au
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One final piece of housekeeping for 2013: the proceedings of the 2009 TLSA conference are once again available online, having been taken down last year for technical reasons.

The link is below, along with the existing link to the 2011 TLSA Conference proceedings. Proceedings of our recent 2013 conference will be published in early 2014.

Hatene kona ba/Compreender/Understanding/Mengerti Timor-Leste. 2010. Michael Leach, Nuno Canas Mendes, Antero B. da Silva, Alarico da Costa Ximenes and Bob Boughton (eds). Hawthorn: Swinburne Press, 328pp. http://tlstudies.org/tlsa_confpro.html

Peskiza foun kona ba / Novas investigações sobre / New Research on / Penelitian Baru mengenai Timor-Leste. 2012. Michael Leach, Nuno Canas Mendes, Antero B. da Silva, Bob Boughton and Alarico da Costa Ximenes (eds). Hawthorn: Swinburne Press, 2012, 395pp. http://tlstudies.org/tlsa_confpro2011.html

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