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Subject: Timor-Leste Studies Association Seminar Friday afternoon 4.00pm at Campus Caucoli CNIC Meeting Room

A group of UNTL academics, researchers and independent researchers are planning to launch a Dili Chapter of the Timor-Leste Studies Association. If you are unfamiliar with this Association its website is   http://www.tlstudies.org/<http://www.tlstudies.org/&lang=en>

It is planned to launch the Dili Chapter of the TLSA which will be open to researchers from all sectors on

Friday 1st of March at 4.00pm
at the CNIC Meeting Room,
first floor Campus Caicoli (old building)

A seminar will be presented by Dr Kelly da Silva, and Anthropologist of the University of Brazil, Her topic will be 'Marriage Exchanges and the Social History of Dili'

Kelly has spent a long time doing research in Timor-Leste and there will be time for discussion
after her presentation.

It is also hoped to elect a small commeettee to organize future monthly seminars by researchers
around Dili, either from Timor-Leste or Visiting Researchers.  A chapter is established in Melbourne and one is being established in Portugal.
TLSA will also hold a conference on 15th and 16th of July 2013 at UNTL Campus Liceu,

A call for papers (which can be in any of the four languages) will go out shortly.

UNTL and Victoria University (Melbourne will also hold a linked conference on 11th at 12th of July on
Future Directions for food in Timor-Leste.

If you would like to attend the seminar on Friday or to know more about the Dili Chapter of the TLSA
please contact Mr Natalino Gusmao natogusmao99 at gmail.com<http://service.mail.com/callgate->   Other members of are already involved with the TLSA include Antero Benedito da Silva, Alarico da Costa and Marcos Amaral.

If you know of visiting researchers from other countries who are doing research in Timor Leste please invited them as well.  I hope someone will be able to translate this email for those who would like to read it in other languages.

Helen Hill (member, TLSA Melbourne Chapter and Honorary Fellow, Victoria University).  7728 3335

Dr Helen M. Hill
14 Westgarth Street,
Fitzroy 3065
+61 3 9419 6096
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