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Subject: 	New article: The contribution of creativity to human 
development in a new nation: a case study of Afalyca community arts 
centre, Timor-Leste
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*The contribution of creativity to human development**in a new nation: a 
case study /of Afalyca/ community arts centre, Timor-Leste*

*Abstract*:  This article describes the contribution of creativity to 
human development in the new nation of Timor-Leste, exemplified in a 
case study of community art centre /Afalyca/. By taking a creative 
approach to the challenges of life in his developing country, the young 
leader of this enterprise, Marqy da Costa, is realising his own 
potential more fully and offering enriching experiences to others. The 
impact of his centre on a range of stakeholders, including staff, 
participants and the wider community is discussed.  For participants, 
the outcomes of their involvement include enjoyable opportunities for 
creative expression; valued recognition from national and international 
audiences; the broadening of life experience to encompass new 
possibilities for self-actualisation; skill development and income from 
employment and sales. The factors that have contributed to /Afalcya/’s 
creative achievements are examined.These include inspiration and 
assistance received from organisations and individuals in and outside of 
Timor, family support, and the age and gender of leaders.Also 
significant are founder Marqy’s personal characteristics of artistic 
talent, social and language skills, love of learning, persistence and 
conciliatory approach to conflict. Barriers to the realisation of 
/Afalcya’s/potential include lack of systemic recognition of the value 
of creativity for sustainable development, unsupportive bureaucracy and 
gender related restrictions of participation for women. The potential 
for similar initiatives to contribute to a positive future for Timorese 
people is explored.

*Keywords**:*Timor-Leste, creativity, arts participation, human development.

/In Timor-Leste, we need a new mentality; people who have initiative,/

/creativity and innovation/, /and who apply this with hard work/.

President of Timor-Leste Xanana Gusmao,

Human Rights Arts and Film Festival Launch, Melbourne, 9 May 2013.

/International Journal Of Creativity And Human Development/, 2.


Kim Dunphy

Kim (BA, Grad Dip. Movt and Dance, M. Ed.) has just completed her PhD at 
Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia where she investigated the role 
of participatory arts in social change in Timor-Leste.She works as the 
Research Program Manager for the Cultural Development Network, an 
independent organization that promotes the cultural vitality of 
communities throughout its home state of Victoria, Australia.She is also 
Director of Many Hands International, a non-government organisation that 
seeks to contribute to development in Timor-Leste, particularly through 
cultural initiatives.

Kim Dunphy
kimfdunphy at gmail.com <mailto:kimfdunphy at gmail.com>

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