[TimorLesteStudies] Week-long translation course, at Dili Institute of Technology, 11-15 February

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Dili Institute of Technology is offering a week-long course in translation,
with special focus on translating into Tetun. While all the principles are
generic, many of the examples and exercises will be based on Christian
texts. The course will be conducted in Tetun, with examples from English,
Portuguese and Indonesian. Participants must be able to read at least one of
these three languages.

Trainers:    Dr Catharina Williams-van Klinken (director of the DIT Centre
for Language Studies, author of books and articles on Tetun, 15 years
translation experience)

                   Olinda Lucas (6 years translation experience)

Dates:         Monday to Friday 11-15 February 2019, 8.30am - 12.30pm.

Location:    Centre for Language Studies, Dili Institute of Technology,
Aimutin, Dili.

Cost:           $120 for the whole week, $30 for one day.


Proposed program:




Principles, models and steps in translation.

Structures that don't match, e.g. plurals, gender, quotes.


Translating words, especially technical terms, and terms for things which
don't exist in Timor.

Translating similes and metaphors.


Translating mis-matched structures: e.g. passives and abstract nouns.


Refering to people, showing time relationships.


Testing translations, linking ideas.



To register, please send the following information to Mr Marco Correia via
email to regis at tetundit.tl, or ring him on 77369768: 

.      name

.      organisation

.      contact number

.      email (optional)

.      Which of the source languages can you read well? English, Portuguese,

.      If you cannot attend for the entire week, then which days do you wish
to attend? 


For more information, ring Dr Catharina Williams-van Klinken, 7724 8459.


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