Internet pornography radio discussion 1pm EST ABC Radio Canberra

Tom Worthington
Wed, 12 Apr 1995 15:21:06 +1000

On Tuesday 18 April ABC Radio 2CN Canberra will have a panel discussion on 
"The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet System". On the panel will 
be Allan Wakeleign, John Hilvert and Tom Worthington. Mr. Wakeley and Mr. 
Worthington appeared at the Senate hearing on BBS regulation last week to 
discuss issues of regulation of pornography on the Internet. See:

You can call the program with comments on ph: 06 2754666 between 1:00pm EST 
and 1:25 EST Tuesday or you can fax beforehand on +61 6 2754601 or e-mail:

ps: People outside the Canberra region will not be able to hear the broadcast. 
Chaara Gee from ABC Radio is interested in how to fix that, by broadcasting 
over Internet. Give her a call if you have the technology.

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