Mondex & cyber-cash

Australasian EDI Report/Technosocial
Tue, 01 Oct 1996 02:31:49 +0000

Glenn Wahlert from ? (ANZ?) recently posted news of a strategic alliance
between Mondex and Cybercash and suggested that this "will give increased
functionality to both products and will allow the Mondex system to enter the
virtual world through Net transactions."

To be perfectly frank, it could... but then again the strategy in the
strategic alliance may be defensive...

Certainly Bruce Wilson from Cybercash was very keen to point out the
difference between his company's Cybercoins product (Cybercash in itself isn't
a product, simply a company name)  and Mondex/Digicash when I spoke to him at
AUUG recently.

Mondex, Digicash etc are new currencies he said, whereas Cybercash' strategy
is to stay within the existing system, and to ally with rather than go around
the existing banks/currencies.

Which leads me to ask when the RBA is going to recognise these new currencies
- or perhaps they don't think they are currencies?

Over to you bankers/linkers?

Stewart Carter
Electronic Commerce Report
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