Content regulation

Roger Clarke
Wed, 2 Oct 1996 13:06:19 +1000

Here's a couple of leads from Patrick Emery at Dept of Comms and the Arts.
Some can be reached through my Regn page, but a couple of them aren't
plugged in yet:

(1)  For details on the U.K. proposal referred to as 'Safety-Net' (shades
of the 'Australia Card' with the boxing kangaroo, that one!) for "Rating,
Reporting, and Responsibility For Child Pornography & Illegal Material on
the Internet", see:

(2)  "With regard to the stuff on US legislation, did you know that the
Feinstein amendment has gone through - it is now an offence under section
842 of Title 18 of the US Code for a person to provide information "by any
concerning the manufacture of explosive materials where the person intends or
knows that the materials will be used in relation to a Federal (US) offence.
This update was on a link from the EPIC home page".

(3)  "And the ACLU has an updated list of US state jurisdictions with actual or
proposed censorship legislation.  This stuff can be found at:
There's also a challenge to the Georgian law prohibiting the use of pseudonyms
Net and unauthorized links to web sites with trade names or logos.  It's in
the courts at the moment".

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