PCW: Clinton to Reverse Encryption Prohibition

Charles Wright charles@netspace.net.au
Thu, 03 Oct 1996 11:58:31 +1000

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>URL: http://www.pcweek.com/news/0930/02acrypt.html
> encryption software, permitting U.S. software 
>makers to sell strong 56-bit Data
>                   Encryption Standard products overseas.

>                   The proposal is likely to be more palatable to the 
>IT industry and security
>                   advocates than the Administration's earlier 
>proposals, including the "Clipper
>                   Chip" plan that would have made the government the 
>holder of code-breaking
>                   keys.

We ran the story in today's Financial Review (page 33), sourced from
Reuter. But that story quoted the forces of light in Congress, and software
manufacturers including Netscape, as being less than impressed. According
to Netscape: "wrong-headed and going backwards". According to Senator
Conrad Burns, "The debate is not over by any stretch."
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