Electronic Money

Glenn Wahlert wahlertg@ozemail.com.au
Sat, 5 Oct 96 08:18:39 PDT

A question for you, and anyone else looking at this - please forward as

With ecash (particularly DigiCash), once Mary has had a coin signed by
the bank and then unblinded, I presume that Mary can give this coin to
another individual (Bob) to use.  Only the threat of Mary spending the
same coin prior to Bob getting to spend it would encourage him to return
it to the bank immediately.  If a mutual trust network built up amongst
dealers etc, would this allow the establishment of a more cash-like sub-

The factors against this happening are the lack of trust, and the
reality that this is unlikely to increase anonymity, as the blinding has
already done that.  It may allow transfer though between individuals who
do not have accounts with the system, almost token-based.  The other
possibility is hawalla-styles, with digital coins being given to
individuals, and email organised release of coins at a remote source.

Any comments?

Glenn Wahlert