Electronic Money

Thomas P. Koltai tomk@koltai.com
Mon, 7 Oct 96 20:33:56 PDT

On Sat, 5 Oct 96 08:18:39 PDT  Glenn Wahlert wrote:
> It may allow transfer though between individuals who
>do not have accounts with the system, almost token-based.  The other
>possibility is hawalla-styles, with digital coins being given to
>individuals, and email organised release of coins at a remote source.
>Any comments?

Yes, in e-commerce@www.ispo.cec.be and in roamops@ns2.rutgers.edu we are discussing the 
concerns of third party control of token authorisation and release. 

1.  Who do we trust to run the authentication servers in each country ?
    (Sub-topic: Is the Cisco Traffic-Cop scenario, now called Tag-Switching, a 
    suitable initial authentication methodology. If so, do we entrust the authentication
    to the owners of big-iron? - Mainly large Telcos)

2.  With the rapidly growing number of transactions, does the Reserve Bank (Central Bank) 
sytstem need to be electronically replicated.

3.  How can we convince non G7 governments to jump into the pot NOW ?

Slightly less focused than your question, but germaine nevertheless.

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