RFC: Electronic Futures talks

Tom Worthington tomw@acslink.net.au
Wed, 9 Oct 1996 08:34:54 +1000

I am talking with the presidents of the US, Japanese, German and European IT
societies in the UK and at five other events in the next three months. The
theme I propose to develop is "Electronic Futures" and would welcome comment
on: http://www.acs.org.au/president/1996/epubs/efuture.htm with:

-  Introduction: The 'Net: the twentieth century's cultural landscape 
1. Strategy for Information Technology Research in Australia, Steering
committee meeting, 18 October 1996, Sydney 
2. The New Digital Economy, initaa 1996 Conference, 1:15pm, 25 October 1996,
3. Industry Futures Forum, 4:30pm, Sunday 27 October 1996, Melbourne 
4. Electronic Mail in the Document Management World, AIIM 1996 Conference,
1:45pm, 29 October 1996, Canberra 
5. Electronic Operations in the ACS, BCS meeting, UK, November 1996 
6. The ACS: 30 years of Radical Change, Chairman's Opening Address, ACS NSW
1996 Conference, 9am, 3 December 1996, Sydney 

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