"The Gutenberg Elegies" by Sven Birkerts

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Fri, 11 Oct 1996 19:11:24 +0800

Hi Kevin and Linkers

At 09:53 11/10/96 EST, you wrote:
>While both Birket's and Spender's respective books largely sound the
>death-knell for the book as a meaningful medium (meaningful in the since
>that they 'matter' to people's everyday lives), particularly with the advent
>of computer technologies, an article in the current edition of Quadrant,
>'Confessions of a Technologically Illiterate Old Man' (the author's name
>escapes me) puts a different slant on the relation between books and computers.

and so on...and I've just come to your message after wading thru piles and
piles, having been away at meetings and events including the ALIA
(Australian Lib & Info Assn) 1996 Conference in Melbourne where the book and
the computer got a sound airing.

There was even a debate in which the "sound monitor" recorded a resounding
YES vote for the book.  True, the likes of Dale Spender (the Spender to whom
you refer??) were not there. but some erudite (and witty) comment from
debaters on "The Book" side: John Nieuwenhuizen, Bill Garner and Kerry
Greenwood as well as other comment throughout the conference from other non
librarians made many of us realise that we in the library profession were
not the only ones "hooked on books".

Having said that: the conference summary also realised the ubiquitous place
computer technology is playing in our lives - she typed. 

Cheers all


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