Timed Internet Calls to be Strictly Business

ianp@peg.apc.org ianp@peg.apc.org
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 08:04:20 +1000

At 11:37 PM 14/10/96 +1000, George Bray wrote:
>Article from AFR October 3
>"The Federal Govt is planning to allow carriers to introduce timed calls
>for business users of the Internet and other data-based services."

Yep, that's also clear from the drafts of legislation released this month.


>Snide Comment - With so many expert groups, strategy reports and industry
>studies you'd think some bright spark in the Government would recognise
>this move as contrary to encouraging Australia's online economy.

You would also think they would recognise that this is a massive financial
imposition on the small business sector, and a complete disincentive for
small business to become competitive by using on line services.

Larger businesses of course have other solutions (ISDN etc) so it wont worry
them. It's small business which will suffer, and with it economic growth.  

In our part of the world (Northern Rivers area of NSW) 97% of businesses
have less than 20 employees - most of these less than 5 employees. It would
be nice if their profitability was considered as well as that of Telstra
(which is doing OK by comparison)

Ian Peter