Timed Internet Calls to be Strictly Business

Rachel Polanskis rachel@juno.virago.org.au
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 10:59:45 +1000 (EST)

Tony Barry writes:
> At 23:37 on 96/10/14, George Bray wrote:
> > "The Federal Govt is planning to allow carriers to introduce timed calls
> > for business users of the Internet and other data-based services."
> The practicality intrigues me. Being at a university I often link in from
> home to get some work done.  I'm not sure how you can divide business from
> home easily.

> If I'm maintaining a web site as my business I'd might do most of it
> offline at home.  If I then uploaded it in one hit from home every few days
> does this make my home phone a business phone and how can anybody tell??
> It sounds like a can of worms.

It sounds like to me that someone has not researched this properly
and has just assumed that heaps of money can be made out of the Internet,
without any thought as to how, so they have latched onto timed charging
as the simplest method.

Personally I feel Tesltra is out of it's depth with this one, and is 
trying to make up for it by trying to make a profit (again).

Why is it everyone I talk to from Telstra is so IT un-aware anyhow?

It seems like there is quite a deal of corporate meddling and tinkering 
going on, when they should just leave it alone...

They can't even work out when their own link is playing up - and need 
someone to tell them!!


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