Timed Internet Calls to be Strictly Business

David Basden davidb@dogmatix.omen.com.au
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 09:30:24 +0800 (WST)

> At 23:37 on 96/10/14, George Bray wrote:
> > "The Federal Govt is planning to allow carriers to introduce timed calls
> > for business users of the Internet and other data-based services."
> The practicality intrigues me. Being at a university I often link in from
> home to get some work done.  I'm not sure how you can divide business from
> home easily.
> For instance suppose you run a small consulting or other business where the
> product is information of some kind.  You might establish a business
> address shared with a number of other small firms where paper mail and goes
> and where email can get answered, web sites maintained etc.  You might also
> access the net from home for your private purposes or for family use. How
> do they get untangled??
> If I'm maintaining a web site as my business I'd might do most of it
> offline at home.  If I then uploaded it in one hit from home every few days
> does this make my home phone a business phone and how can anybody tell??
> It sounds like a can of worms.
> Tony

>From what I've heard, the charging will be souly checked on if it is
registered as a business or residential line.

Also remember that this is the Universal Service Obligation, which from
memory is set by Austel, not Telstra.


David Basden