Timed links etc.

Sam Hinton sam.hinton@anu.edu.au
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 13:55:15 +1000

>Tony Barry mentioned a can of worms. How about catching you coming and going?
>If I switch to a second domestic line, do you want to bet they won't make
>the connection - and maintain the timed calls?
Perhaps carriers and the federal government should try to make money by
developing Internet content that people want to use rather than trying to
modify their charging systems/legislation so they can skim traffic benefits
off the top of the people who are contributing to the information

The extra weight of certain anachronistic parasites does affect development
of Australia's Internet, and will actually endanger the existence of
organisations like Telstra.

I'm confused.

Why would I want to be double-billed for Internet access?  I mean, I pay an
ISP partly to defray a carrier's traffic charges imposed on the ISP.  Why
would I want to pay the carrier again for the relatively small amount of
Internet traffic my modem generates?

Does this tip the scales in favour of paying a company like Ozemail to give
me a direct link and much therefore better performance at a cheaper rate
(because I wouldn't be double-billed)?

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