Increasing Filesize & Compression Ratio

Bernard Robertson-Dunn
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 19:05:45 +1000 (EST)

Roger said>;
>Society falls back on licensing after abuses catch the public eye.

Users are not the only targets for registration. Banks, broadcasters, telecos
etc are all licenced. It is an alternate method of controlling the environment. 
The strategy of controlling pornograpgy by getting at users through ISPs is
a prime example

>The ISPs have all been very happy to touch their forelock as soon as the
>ABA said 'we need regulation of [extreme forms of objectionable] content',
>and one or more Codes of Conduct are likely to result.  So we need to
>leverage off this idea of Codes, and have ISPs commit also to providing the
>infrastructure whereby users can learn about citizenship.  The problem
>we're dealing with doesn't have the same finality as murders - if we
>reduced the dysfunctional behaviour by 75% we'd have improved things
>immensely, i.e. a few unreconstructed grots don't have to spoil our day.

Achieving a suitable compromise between the two freedoms - freedom to do and
freedom from others - has been a goal that societies over the millenia have
tried to address in many different ways. Is the internet so very different?
I suspect that it is radically different from anything seen before in human
history (I liked writting that, it sounds so grand). If so it will be quite
a challenge to all.

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