Wombats through Garden Hoses [was Re: Increasing Filesize & Compression Ratio]

Adam Burns adamb@peg.apc.org
Fri, 18 Oct 1996 07:42:31 +1100

At 10:49 AM 10/15/96 -0700, Colin Richardson wrote:
>Beyond compression?  Stewart Fist once wrote of "stuffing a wombat down a 
>garden hose", so I guess file compression is analogous with transmitting 
>a perfect miniature of the animal but receiving it full size.  Why not 
>send the wombat's tiny genome instead?  Perhaps DNA is a good analogy for 
>today's FIF (for graphics), MIDI (for music) and TVML (for virtual 
>reality) file formats.

 Recent "fractal" compression techniques take this analogy a lot further
with iterative equations and initial parameter values being the "DNA" and
the "enviroment" (boundary conditions). The environment of the fractal
decompression program could been seen as an "ecosystem" in which the data is

 The enviromnent of current ABA information legislation and self-regulated
but approved codes of conduct (with built in punishment fines) may reserve
reference to (or more poignantly, representation of) the cruely required to
stuff a wombat through a garden hose to those of us with truly independent