Telstra Internet capacity to the US

Jack Gilding
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 06:14:50 +1000

I'm was just lurking on this one, presuming someone more technically
informed than I would start the response, but to date they haven't so here goes.

It would indeed be extremely newsworthy if Internet traffic exceeded voice
traffic, but with all due respect to senior Telstra management (as
reported), I'm not convinced yet.  My little sample card of Optical Fibre
from Telstra says a 'pair of single mode fibres can carry .... 565Mbits/s'
(although from memory 166MB is more common).  And they are talking about
interstate links (maybe trans Pacific links are lower capacity but I cant
see why they would be).  Now I know there is a lot of under utilised fibre
under the ocean, but I doubt that the total voice traffic is less than could
be carried on a single pair of fibres.  Could someone please clarify?

Jack Gilding

At 06:07 PM 11/10/96 +1100, Michael Biber wrote:
>G'day Linkers; Interesting piece of trivia:
>At the ATUG peer to peer luncheon yesterday, Lindsay Yelland, Manager
>Commercial and Government, Telstra, quoted the observation that Telstra
>have 32MB of bandwidth to the US at present for their Internet
>connection. They have ordered a 45MB pipe and that should be installed
>in the next few weeks. He then went on to say that, by Christmas,
>Telstra will have more bandwidth to the US for their Internet
>connections than for all their voice connections combined.
>I realise that there's a discontinuity in this as the primary Internet
>connection for all traffic is to the US, but this still amazes me. I
>presume that the No. 1 destination for IDD out of Australia, is the US?
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