Timed Internet Calls to be Strictly Business

George Bray George.Bray@moreinfo.com.au
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 10:02:27 +1000

At 8:04 AM 15/10/96, ianp@peg.apc.org wrote:

>In our part of the world (Northern Rivers area of NSW) 97% of businesses
>have less than 20 employees - most of these less than 5 employees. It would
>be nice if their profitability was considered as well as that of Telstra
>(which is doing OK by comparison)

Most of our customers fall into this category, and from their responses to
this issue I think many of us will be taking Frank's approach of moving to
another carrier ASAP.

I don't understand it though. It's as if Telstra are going out of their way
to make enemies on so many issues. A strange thing to do given the market
change next year.

Off to read the archives of link, as our MX record suddenly got corrupted
following the initial message of this thread.

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