Telstra Internet capacity to the US

Thomas P. Koltai
Mon, 21 Oct 96 02:36:47 PDT

On Sun, 20 Oct 1996 06:14:50 +1000  Jack Gilding wrote:
>I'm was just lurking on this one, presuming someone more technically
>informed than I would start the response, but to date they haven't so here goes.
Well Jack, I'm not sure if I qualify for "technically informed" but I will 
attempt to respond to your devils advocacy...

>It would indeed be extremely newsworthy if Internet traffic exceeded voice
>traffic, but with all due respect to senior Telstra management (as
>reported), I'm not convinced yet.  

I do believe this to be the case now in fact. Telstra were referring to their own 
heavily throttled and cached connectivity which is utilising B-ISDN across the pond.

When we add Testras 32 Mb to MCI's 18, UUnets 29, AT&T's 6, Sprint's 6, BT's 12 IBM's 6, 
DEC's 6 and NZT's 1.5 we find a total of 116 Mb's that actually travels across Australian 
backbone either coming or going before it moves overseas.
When you add to this that the major ISP's/IAP's are claiming between 34-55% Cache 
hit rates, we have possibly 200 Mb Plus of active traffic during peak load times
(Internet peak load times now total ten hours in every twenty-four). 
Calculating voice traffic at 16 Kb, that equals in excess of 12,500 simultaneous 
voice calls. Aggregating voice calls at the "official" statistical rate of 2.5 minutes 
per call, we find that to utilise the same bandwidth as our intrepid Internauts are
consuming (average Internet data call = 37 minutes) we have a total of 175,000 phone 
calls occurring (if we multiply that out to match the Internet peak load scale we get
seven million five hundred thousand phone calls). 

Boy... wouldn't you like to collect the 25 cents for each of those....

My little sample card of Optical Fibre
>from Telstra says a 'pair of single mode fibres can carry .... 565Mbits/s'
>(although from memory 166MB is more common).  And they are talking about
>interstate links (maybe trans Pacific links are lower capacity but I cant
>see why they would be).  Now I know there is a lot of under utilised fibre
>under the ocean, but I doubt that the total voice traffic is less than could
>be carried on a single pair of fibres.  Could someone please clarify?

I can't... I agree with your summary wholeheartedly. Where oh where can the missing 
fibre be ?

By the same token, I recently found that Telstra/MCI has 80 Mb of unused capacity 
on Pacrim West and an unknown quantity on Pacrim East.

Mike Biber quoted the Telstra executive as ordering an additional 45 Mb. Since they've 
been sitting on the 80 for a while.... That answers the question as to where they will 
find it.

I look forward to Jasaurus being commissioned in the new year.

Then again, if someone in Federal Parliment stood up and asked why Australia was out of
International capacity, the answer would be interesting....

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